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How Next-Generation Sources of Viewing Data Are Transforming TV Advertising Email address:

data-management Audience fragmentation, with its challenges of scale and the high expectations set by digital have quickly rendered traditional TV ratings insufficient. Simultaneously, new marketing applications and goals like advanced audience targeting, closed-loop attribution and better post-campaign insights have led to an increased demand for richer, more representative data sources that are capable of catching up with today’s reality. Next-generation TV data is here, and it consists of two main types: Set-Top Box (STB) and Automated Content Recognition (ACR) data. As the name suggests, STB data is collected from set-top boxes and then anonymously matched to unique identifiers (customer IDs, addresses, etc.) to allow targeting and measurement. STB data is the largest source of next-generation data, providing scale and audience reach at the deterministic level.  Because STB data is collected across all boxes in the home, it provides comprehensive viewership across the household.  However, STB data is highly fragmented due to the numerous data sets resulting from different STB manufacturers. Additionally, the “walled garden” approach of cable operators owning this data makes it commercially and technically challenging to integrate data sets. Overall, the variety of formats, data structures and levels of granularity makes STB data integration across multiple sources a significant effort that only a limited set of data companies have accomplished.  Since it’s dependent on the set-top box, STB data also lacks visibility into comprehensive OTT TV viewing.

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